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Hello there. I'm Giotto, the first boss of the Vongola family and great-great-great grandfather to the well-known Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

m!a status: none
Lot of people here, hey!



Ah, yes, I guess we must *laughs at himself* Hm, I don’t think I’ve bought anything in this era…it will be a new experience ! I hope I enjoy it *laughs again at himself…and his own awkward odd-sounding comments*

*grins* It’ll be a breeze, hey! Just follow me and we’ll buy you something good for working out in, hey. *the Arcobaleno turns and starts walking at an easy pace, glancing back and gesturing for Primo to follow him*

I wonder what a t-shirt is… Giotto thinks whilst hastily semi-jogging to catch up to the well-built blond.